What is HykuUP?

HykuUP opens the door to digital repository resources for your institution. Hyku is a user-friendly, feature rich application that connects libraries, museums, and other institutions to Samvera digital repository software. HykuUP boxes the benefits of Hyku into a hosted, easy-to-manage package that can be uniquely customized for your organization.


HykuUP is an easy Samvera solution which is maintained in a fully-managed hosting environment.


Though HykuUP provides customizable theming, we also offer expert assistance in matching existing brand identity.


With user-managed data importing, HykuUP makes it easy to upload collections. We also offer options for additional assistance.

Community News

Articles and updates related to the Hyku and Samvera communities.


In addition to the HykuUP packages below, Notch8 can provide custom quotes for larger collections. Additional services include individualized style matching to existing branding, and expert assistance retrieving your data from current systems. Sign up now for a 60-day, no free trial account of our beta software.

Up to 3,000 objects
Up to 300 GB of original uploads
Up to 100,000 objects
Up to 10 TB of original uploads
Up to 1,000,000 objects
Up to 200 TB of original uploads

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